meet the eevm team

HackATL is founded and run by Emory Entrepreneurship & Venture Management (EEVM). EEVM is the creator of:


We are a group of 40 (and growing) Emory students who are passionate about bringing entrepreneurship to Emory University. We dedicate ourselves to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit at Emory, helping other students participate and gain access to resources that will help them bring their ideas to life. See more of our work at

If you have any ideas, or are simply passionate about entrepreneurship, reach out to us at, and let's chat.

HackATL is one of the most prominent hackathons in the Southeast organized by Emory Entrepreneurship & Venture Management (EEVM), a student-run club that aims to create a community for students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship at Emory and beyond. Become a HackATL Ambassador. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 7th @11:59pm EST. Your mission is to...

1. Promote HackATL 2022 to your respective communities (e.g. residence halls, class)

2. Be an advocate for HackATL, the largest business hackathon in the Southeast

3. Come up with creative ideas (your very own campaign) to market HackATL and execute it